Emotion, welfare and cognition

Since the application of the European Directive (2010/63/EU) in 2013, stakeholders’ demands for information regarding the welfare and stress of Cephalopods in captivity is high. Investigations of the effects of stress on mothers and siblings were being conducted in collaboration with team 1 of ETHoS (ANR PreSTO’Cog ended in 2018). In addition, we are investigating any physiological and behavioural indicators of stress in captive animals collection and transportation, and available anesthetics/analgesics as well. In dedicated ANR Project (ANR EthiCs, International Program with the university of Shinshu, Taïwan, ending 2022), NECC also investigates possibilities of emotional responses to positive and negative events in cuttlefish using acute body patterning. Researches on emotion in invertebrate species are very scarce, but crucial when considering regulation of invertebrate welfare. In situation of ambiguous choices, expression of emotion is slightly intertwined with high cognitive processes, these researches also aim at investigating existence of primary consciousness in cuttlefish.